Halleh Tidaback


Halleh founded Five Acres in 2008. She brings her knowledge and experience in user experience strategy, user interface design, and brand strategy to the table to lead the Five Acres team to success. Halleh understands business demands, aggressive timelines and believes quality is non-negotiable on all deliverables. Her leadership and work consistently reflect informed user-centric decisions, a strong eye for technical detail, and visionary creative. 

Halleh has led design and development teams to success in creating mobile applications and websites for Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, General Electric, Mattel, Boeing, Toyota, Samsung and more. 

+Check out hallehtidaback.com for a peek into her work


The Collective

Five Acres Agency has created a unique business model, utilizing a premium group of freelance designers to collaborate on creative solutions. The collective is a selective network of design, photography and technical partners.

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