Elevating Brands.
Elevating Experiences.


Who we are

Five Acres Agency is a UX/UI design collective rooted in providing mindful interactive solutions and scalable design resources. Our innovative, creative thinking and problem solving are at the heart of every project. 

What we do

We elevate our client’s digital presence through top-quality design and strategic interactive experiences that engage today’s consumer. We specialize in user experience and user interface design for software, mobile, and web.



There is no sacrificing quality. We are committed to upholding greatness in our work by maintaining both macro and micro perspectives on any given project or task.


We are consistently challenging the expected, pushing technological boundaries, and aesthetically stunning audiences.


Infusing passion into every step of a project is what makes the end-result shine. Be it strategy, aesthetics or user experience design, we put our whole hearts into everything we do.


Collaboration is at the core of creation. We strive to nurture relationships and encourage the best qualities out of our partners and individuals.


"My go-to place for all things design-oriented. Amazing to work with."

-Emilie Hersh, Principal, Unbuttoned Innovation Inc.


We work for you by working with you. Amazing things come from collaboration.

We collaborate with our client partners to strategically think through business opportunities, develop an integrated brand platform, and create influential stories that matter to audiences and drive them to act.

We also work for you by working with eachother. 

Five Acres has created a unique business model that combines the flexibility benefits of working with freelance designers and the quality benefits of working with an agency.  Ask us more to learn what this is all about.  


Our Happy Clients